MAGEASY Brand Story

Our Story
The MAGEASY team was established in California, USA and has been committed to creating innovative consumer electronics products of the highest quality since 2005. Our efforts have been recognized with numerous international awards and patents in many countries. Over the past years, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and professional talent across a range of fields, dedicating ourselves to never-ending development and creativity. The MAGEASY brand represents our passion for progress and innovation and a perfect harmony of life and technology, which we share with all who pursue a lifestyle defined by quality to make the everyday extraordinary.

Our Mission
Making Life Easy is the spirit of the MAGEASY brand, with innovative products that connect life and technology through a combination of simplicity and elegance. We have an intimate understanding of modern consumers' needs, with our innovative, simplistic, and meticulous philosophy at the core of everything we do. The result is sophisticated designs which seamlessly integrate technology and lifestyle to bring a touch of excellence to daily life.